Kob meat pushes man to flee and leave wife, baby. Suspects Arrested

Ohuru Lawrence, 23, and Okot Nicholas ,32, arrested by Uganda Police

The suspect who hunted and killed a Uganda Kob has been arrested.

Ohuru Lawrence, 23, was arrested alongside his hunting partner Okot Nichola, 32, on Thursday at 0200hrs in a dramatic turn of events at his home in Olulim Village, Got apwoyo, Nwoya district. This was after he attempted to flee from Uganda Police earlier in the day.

The suspect, Ohuru Nicholas’s home

Ohuru and his friend Okot are said to have killed a Uganda Kob on Wednesday at 0800hrs.

A community member who prefers anonymity informed police after witnessing the duo eviscerating the Uganda Kob in a farm belonging to Ohuru. No sooner did Ohuru see the police, than he run away leaving the wife and one year old baby.

Atimango Brenda, 34, wife to the suspect, Ohuru Lawrence

Atimango Brenda, 34, the wife of Ohuru was taken in for questioning and released to cater for her one year old baby right after she had written her statement.

At 0200hrs on Thursday, Police was reliably informed that the suspects were back home. On raiding the homes, Ohuru and Okot were found sleeping and drunk. The two are currently under police custody at Nwoya CPS and will be arraigned in court for Illegal entry into wildlife protected area,c/s 30 and 70 (s) UWA 2019 and Hunting wild animals without a permit c/s 29 and 70 (a) UWA’ 2019