Man Convicted Over Leopard Skin

A man found guilty of unlawful possession of protected species has been sentenced by the standard utilities and wildlife court at Buganda road.

Chief Magistrate Kamasanyu Gladys presided over the case.

Tindyebwa Amos was sentenced to a UGX 2M fine or a 2-year prison term in a judgment issued on Wednesday, June 15.

Uganda Police got an anonymous report that Tindyebwa Amos in the Sanga Kiruhura area was in possession of a Leopard skin. Further inquiry revealed that Tindyebwa did, in fact, have the leopard skin for sale and was actively hunting for purchasers.
Officers went to Tindyebwa’s residence on 7/5/2022 and discovered leopard skin, which led to his instant arrest.


The striking leopard is one of the hardest large species to observe in Uganda, thanks to its nocturnal, solitary behavior and well-camouflaged coat.

Their survival is partly due to their adaptability to warm and cold climates and ability to climb trees while carrying heavy prey – keeping it safe from other predators such as lions and hyenas. They can run at incredible speeds of up to 58 km (36 miles) per hour, and hunt antelopes and monkeys as well as fish, birds, insects, and reptiles.

Historically, leopards have hunted for their beautiful fur; habitat loss is now their greatest threat.

Leopard Information sourced from African Wildlife Foundation (Link to